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Pups and Bulldogs, East Leeds Airport (Church Fenton) 1st July

Mr T

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We had a trip out yesterday to Leeds East Airport, the new name for the former RAF Church Fenton. It has a café that is open to the public and which is near the Control Tower, and you can get a reasonable view of aircraft movements whilst enjoying a cup of tea. We went as it was the Beagle Pup and Bulldog Club Fly In. It was more than a bit breezy which may have put some off, but there were about a dozen planes, including three Chipmunks, which had been invited. It was also a bit of a recce prior to Flying Legends.






Taken on my fairly old Panasonic Lumix FZ28

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Hello Mr.T,

Thank You for posting these beautiful photos ..

Each  one looks AWESOME. 


And in Yorkshire, God's Own Country to have the show is SUPERB. 

Your photography  is Sharp and NEAT.


not far for ME either ..less than an hour so if time allows and can get tickets etc  I might get to go to Flying  Legends show mid July .

Thank you very much.



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Thanks for the comment, it is much appreciated. It was nice to have a play with my old camera (long story as to why it is back in use). 

Looking forward to Flying Legends, nice to have a major show in the North. G-AVDF, is one of the prototypes, it was re engined with a Lycoming engine gho be used in the Bulldog. After a long while I storage or as a museum exhibit, it has recently been restored to flight. 

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Nice. The last time I went to a Beagle gathering was at Shoreham a few years ago. It's where a lot  of them were assembled. VDF is the only known aeroplane prototype that is airworthy. Quite an accolade.

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Hi Mr T - sorry - just spotted this - lovely images!


We were there in G-BZXZ/XX629 - have lots of images from the day which I can post if there's interest - here's one from the formation that afternoon:




Very impressed with Church Fenton/Leeds East!



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Nice photo. It was interesting to see the Chipmunks, Pups and Bulldogs. They all looked beautifully maintained, and I got into conversation with the chap who edits the Clubs magazine. I hope Leeds East has a future, it is nice to go and watch the aeroplanes, when we went last Thursday, I was surprised how busy it was with normal traffic, let alone the Flying Legends stuff. 

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