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HMS Sheffield, Gibraltar & the Med, Sept 41

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Looking good Geoff, yet another really colourful ship (something you don't get from monochrome photos). 


Having been for a team building day on HMS Belfast last week I'm noticing the similarities between the two ships (I know they're both Town Class but there's a lot of variations between the ships).

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8 hours ago, Wez said:

there's a lot of variations between the ships).

       Gidday, and thanks. Sheffield was a batch 1 ship, (the batch 2 were very similar) while Edinburgh and Belfast were batch 3, intended to carry sixteen 6-inch guns in quad turrets. That's why they were longer AFAIK. Belfast also had a major refit sometime after the war, hence her different bridge structure and other upgrades. Regards, Jeff.

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Gidday All, sorry about lack of updates on HMS Sheffield. I'll show a photo of the boat stowage, which is what I've been working on. Here's where I'm up to:-

SHEFF570 boat stowage 1

       I'd planned on getting a little more done here before posting. The boats need their paint jobs touched up a little, hence they're dry fitted at present. The gun bays for the twin 4-inch guns are glued in but I still have to work on the guns themselves. In that gap abaft the second funnel casing I'll be fitting a search-light tub. That's it sitting on the aft superstructure, still being made. Two boat cranes will be shipped, one on either side of the funnel casing plus I'll be adding RU (ready-use) ammo lockers for the 4-inch guns in that area too. And two sea-boats (whalers I think) on davits outboard of the shelter-deck, just aft of the catapult.
       Still heaps to do, there's no way I'm going to complete her on time. This'll keep me going a while yet I think but I might continue her in the general Maritime section. If I forget to say so later, thanks @Wez for running the GB and including me. And thanks to all for your interest, comments and responses. Stay safe and keep on modeling.
Regards to all, Jeff.

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