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Welsh Models 1/72 Gulfstream U-4 (G-IV) JASDF

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This is the 1/72 Welsh Models Gulfstream G-IV built as a U-4 of the JASDF. The kit was built OOB with the addition of type-specific antennas and was started for the Turning Japanese GB last year. The decals are by Draw Decal


A link to the GB thread is below.


The U-4 Multi-Purpose Support Aircraft is a Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation business jet “GIV-SP” that has been refurbished to Japan Air Self-Defence Force (JASDF) specifications. 
The U-4 was introduced to JASDF in 1995 as a successor to the reciprocating twin-engine aircraft “B-65” which was mainly used for communication and personnel transport, and as a Multi-Purpose Support Aircraft.  It is mainly used to transport personnel and small cargo and for training. In addition to the usual boarding door, there is a large cargo door for transporting emergency cases and goods on the right wing side. The GIV-SP utilizes its flight stability in high altitude and velocity of Mach 0.80 for liaisons in military operations, and to transport personnel and materials. Thanks to the quietness and comfort of the aircraft, it is also used to carry important personnel to remote areas in Japan in the event of disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and torrential rains.











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