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Heller 1/200 Sud Aviation Caravelle - Air France

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This was meant to be a quick build but ended up taking months as such projects so often do, I changed jobs and moved flats during the build time. I picked the kit up for a few pounds at a model show and thought it would be a good place to practise making an airliner for the first time. The tooling is from 1964 and it really shows in the quality; nothing fit flush, the undercarriage is simplistic, the cockpit windows needed reconstructing, and the passenger window transparencies were unuseable. From a distance it looks quite nice though, even if it is more of an homage to the Caravelle than an acurate scale model of it. There's a big crack right down the centre of the fuselage from when my cat unhelpfully knocked it off the table and it was too late in the day to re-fill and re-paint the damage but luckily it was mostly on the underside. Thanks for looking.



















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