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Missing and Broken Parts


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Can anyone advise me of the procedure to obtain replacement parts for an AFV Club kit please.

It was bought in October last year and I've just got around to it in the stash.

Strangely, the sprue  was sealed in it's plastic bag but there's 2 parts missing and 1 broken.



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This is what being a member of this forum is all about. It's really good to see that there are some top people out there. 


Since the pandemic, there seems to be less of this kind of behaviour and it gladens my heart to see such gestures of goodwill.


Good on ya Pete. 👍



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I'd just like to say that PeteH1969 has done me proud!

He is at the very pinnacle of 'stand up guy'!

Thank You.

The bits arrived today and look splendid

A very, very grateful Tom.

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