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Southern Europe GB Welcome and Rules


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1.  Welcome to the Southern Europe GB.  Any subject is eligible providing it was used in the geographical area of Southern Europe which is defined as:





France (from the following regions only: Occitaine, Provence-Alpes-Côte D'Azur and of course, Corse (Corsica))


Italy (including all of the islands)






Yugoslavia pre break up





Subjects from antiquity from these countries are allowed, also previous incarnations are eligible too such as the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as long as they are from the geographical areas outlined above..

Equipment from countries outside of this area that were permanently based there (e.g. 56 Sqn RAF on Lightnings were based in Cyprus so that's acceptable, but 56 Sqn RAF with Phantoms only went there on detachment e.g. APC, so that wouldn't be acceptable).  Eligible subjects also include wartime rotations such as the RAF Sqns or the RN Submarines based in Malta or any ship assigned to Force H in Gibraltar or German units based in Italy/Greece etc.

Cars raced in the Monaco GP would be acceptable too.


2.  The onus is on the modeller to prove the geographical link.


3.  A model of any media is permissible but must be less than 25% complete at the start of the GB.  Any doubts ask your hosts.


4.  To be eligible to take part in the post-GB poll, all builds must be documented in the GB forum and have at least three but no more than five photos posted in the Gallery thread.


5.  No buying, selling or want ads in the GB forum.  There are other forums available for this.


6.  Completed entries can be shown in the gallery.


7.  The GB runs from 10th Jun to 1st October.


8.  Your genial hosts are myself Martin aka @RidgeRunner and Dennis aka @Corsairfoxfouruncle


9.  Above all have fun!

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