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Oil & Petrol Cans 1930-40s (49006) 1:48


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Oil & Petrol Cans 1930-40s (49006)

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd




Cans, cans everywhere!  If you're not able to fill your tank at a handy petrol/gas station when you're fighting the enemy, it's handy to carry additional supplies of these fluids vital to the ongoing ability to move your vehicles and equipment.  Before the pilfering of the German design for the eponymous Jerry Can, there were many other designs used back in the day, in all shapes and sizes.



The Set

We reviewed the 1:35 set of these cans four years ago now, and MiniArt are now bringing us a set by the same name in the smaller 1:48 scale that has a growing following amongst armour modellers too.  This set arrives in a figure-sized end-opening box, and inside are five identical sprues of grey styrene, a card envelope containing a set of decals and a small fret of Photo-Etch (PE), plus a single sheet of instructions printed on one side, with the painting and decaling guide printed on the rear of the box in full colour.  There are six styles of cans on the sprues, and from the five sprues you can make thirty-six in total, six of each for those that aren’t great at mathematics.






The first can on the list is a large cylindrical one, made from two halves, plus a circular lid, and a PE handle that is folded to shape.  A rectangular can is made up the same way minus the handle, which is instead moulded into the top.  You could always sand that off and make your own out of wire if you’re feeling adventurous of course.  The next can is a shorter rectangular assembly with more rounded edges, and ribbing running round the circumference.  The most unusual of the set is a long prism-shaped can that is assembled from a centre section and two end-caps, joining together along a convenient rib that should hide the joint, which is a similar technique used with a short rectangular can that is made from two parts, again with rounded edges.  The last design is another rectangular can, but with square sides and flanged edges around the top and bottom, which uses more of the PE handles on the top, diagonally across one end.  Each sprue also contains a single funnel to help you reduce spillages, totalling five overall.




The small decal sheet contains a plethora of markings for the can faces, including BP, Shell, Castrol, Jurgens, Texaco, and some stencils for unbranded cans with the German for Flammable and Fuel written upon them to avoid confusion and misuse with possibly catastrophic consequences.




Decals are by Cartograf, which is a guarantee of good registration, sharpness and colour density, with a thin matt carrier film cut close to the printed areas.




Useful personalisation items and diorama fodder for any 1:48 modeller, whether you use them in aviation, armour, or civilian settings, or for another purpose not mentioned.


Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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