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German Panzer Crew France 1944 (35364) 1:35


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German Panzer Crew France 1944 (35364)

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd




During WWII, German tank crews usually consisted of four, sometimes five men, led by their commander, who was generally dressed differently from the other men, and had the lofty seat in the cupola on top of the vehicle, communicating with the rest of the crew and others in their unit by radio with a wired throat-mic, and over-ear headphones.  In the early part of the war, the crews were usually dressed in black uniforms with a large beret, but as the war progressed, they transitioned toward camouflaged uniforms to make them at least a little less visible when they were outside the comparative safety of their tank.




The set arrives in an end-opening figure box, and inside are four sprues in grey styrene in a heat-sealed bag to prevent chaffing during shipping and in storage.  The painting on the front of the box shows the poses of the figures inside, and on the rear of the box there is a reproduction of each of the figures, separated out from each other and covered with arrows that lead to part numbers on the relevant sprue, and to blue number codes that correspond to a table that gives paint codes for Vallejo, Mr.Color, AK Realcolor, Mission Models, AMMO, Tamiya, as well as the colour names and a small swatch of the colour by way of example.  There is also a square of camouflage on the rear with paint codes as a guide to painting the uniforms.




Sculpting is up to MiniArt’s usual high standard, with high levels of detail as well as realistic texture and drape of clothing, topped off with naturalistic poses.  Parts breakdown is also sensibly along natural seamlines where possible, with separate heads, torso, arms and legs, plus flat-topped heads to accommodate hats, and boot soles moulded separately for better detail on the seated character where they're visible.




Another finely sculpted figure set from MiniArt that will improve any situation that they are placed in.


Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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