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79 sqn Meteor F8 target tug...in dayglo!

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Evening all,

Rather have a thing for dayglo at the mo, which is awkward since both dayglo paint or decals are painful to work with- just the nature of the beast! Anyway pics of latest off the desk...Meteor F8(TT of 79 sqn, made oob from the Xtrakit model. I've used Xtradecals dayglo stripes more or less successfully (patience and list of micro sol!) with serials from the same source. 79 sqn bars came from the spares box. The Light Aircraft grey -always a difficult colour in my experience- has been represented by Tamiya XF80, which works very well to my eye at least.Aside from adding a couple of small bits of plastic card for the target banner bracket on the ventral fuel tank. Possibly outclassed by the new Airfix (not seen that kit yet) , it still has mileage I think. I've an MPM FR9 to do before I venture to the Airfix rendition. Anyhow, FWIW. Ralph

20230529_154922 20230529_155021 20230529_154914 20230529_154855 20230529_155225 20230529_155214



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Excellent job on the Meatbox! I think one of the problems with Dayglo is that it differs from aircraft to aircraft (and even on the same aircraft) because it seems to weather into so many different colours. Just my tuppence.





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