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Bismark - a different perspective

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Hello All,


Not really a ship builder so when a friend of mine gave me some ship kitswhich his late dad had built i did not really know what to do with them . Most were missing parts, broken pieces as well as some heavy paint so initial reaction was to throw everything away. But one stood out, Bismark, Decided to put it in a diorama with a twist... it was in a bad shape, so sunk her even further.

This is the final result, all gaping holes and damage represent the actual vessel as it stands now. Only wish is to try and cast in blue coloured resin but it is way too expensiveand risky.

as i said this is not really my line of builds so appreciate your comments to improve





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15 hours ago, ArnoldAmbrose said:

Gidday @MaltaGC, it's an interesting idea and very well done. I've actually seen HMS Hood done similar a few years ago. A great pair, eh? Regards, Jeff.

Not sure if there is the Hood with the rest of the kits but if there is then could end up in a similar diorama


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