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HMS Hermes (1919); Aoshima 1/700 (continued from SSD GB)

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Another build that didn't make the Salty Sea Dog GB deadline, I hope it's not too obnoxious to continue it here. The build (or rather, a large amount of obsessing about camouflage without actually doing much building), up until this point can be found here:

Most recent update sees the major colours of the camouflage (mostly) down; colourcoats 507C, B5, MS1:

There don't seem to be any photos of the port side camouflage, barring some fairly obscured views of the island, so this is pretty much a guess as to what it might look like. Many thanks to Jamie and Richard for sorting through it all for me. It's not come out quite how I imagined it, but I'm reasonably happy.







Looking back at the photos and plans, a few bits that haven't come out quite right, but after a bit of 507A on the flight- and quarter-decks, I think we're not a million miles away from assembly.




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