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Tiger Hobbies have now taken delivery of the first of our special issue Hasegawa.


The below models will be sent to our retailers over the next few days.


HAE16 1:72 North American B-25J Mitchell - USAAF Tiger RRP £37.99  Current RRP £44.99


HAJT60 1:48 Typhoon Mk.Ib Tear Drop Canopy Tiger RRP £29.99 Current RRP £34.99


HAJT54 1:48 Ju87G-2 Stuka 'Anti-Tank Tiger RRP £29.99   Current RRP £34.99


HAPT19 1:48 F-104C Starfighter 'USAF  Tiger RRP £27.99  Current RRP £32.99


HAPT33 1:48 A-4M Skyhawk - USMC   Tiger RRP £29.99  Current RRP £34.99


HAPT46 1:48 F-14A Tomcat - US Navy   Tiger RRP £58.99  Current RRP £69.99


HAPT06 1:48 F-4J W/One Piece Canopy - US Navy/USMC  Tiger RRP £37.99  Current RRP £44.99


www.tigerhobbies.co.uk  look for Hasegawa

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