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Working with resin: help needed please

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Hi everybody


I was looking through a long lost stash  and came across a number of resin kits produced by 'Model Transport'.

I noticed that on a number of them the chassis isnt perfectly flat  . . .

I appreciate that there is evidence of flash then has to be removed . . .


A couple of question if I may . . .


I presume you would have to wash in soapy water to remove some form of molding  agent?

Do you use boiling water to straighten parts ? 

What is the best compound to fill in the odd 'bubble' ?

What type of glue is recommended  for resin ?

Is it advisable to undercoat before painting ? (I am still a brush painter)


Any other tips and advice would be welcomed to obtain the best results


many thanks 


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I can't honestly help!....but you have asked a number of questions that I am keen to hear the brain trust's thoughts on.

My resin dilemmas are mostly due to resin conversion parts for aircraft but the techniques used are the same I am sure.....

.... looking forward to hearing what the more experienced modellers of BM have to say on the topic.

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