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Compressor Sil-Air 15D problem


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I have the above compressor and am finding that the air tank is full of oil from the compressor unit. The oil level in the unit is now nearly empty. this has happened over many months and I've just noticed it.


Any ideas what is causing this and how to remedy it ??


Any help would be gratefully received.





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Did the compressor come with an instruction manual? They tend to have one in the box...


 Unless you've tipped the whole thing over at some point, which is mentioned in the manual as a thing not to do, some oil leaving the compressor is normal, and there is no remedy, as it's blown out of the outlet with the compressed air - all you need to do is drain the oil from the air tank (have a little bit of pressure in the tank to make that faster) then top up the compressor with the correct type of new oil, as instructed in the manual. The oil should be changed annually anyway, as per the manual.


However, I'm wondering if you've ever drained the condensation water from the air tank, as the small amount of oil used during normal operation shouldn't really be noticeable, especially when mixed in with a bit of condensate. Have you tipped the unit over recently?


Find a PDF copy of the Sil-Air manual here:



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Thanks for that. Will give it a go and clean everything out to an inch of it's life. Then only time will tell.  (I've only had the compressor 10 months. Before I had an Aztec equivalent. It was getting like me. Long in the tooth.)





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