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German Tank Riders Set 2 (35377) 1:35


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German Tank Riders Set 2 (35377)

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd




Getting a lift on a tank was a treat for the foot-soldier that occasionally turned sour if their lift came under fire from an enemy tank, especially if the turret started to rotate and the crew began using the main gun.  Sometimes they’d ride into battle on the back of a tank, using the turret as cover until it came time to dismount, other times it was a case of sitting somewhere flat on the hull of the tank, saving a quantity of shoe-leather getting from A to Battle.




The set arrives in an end-opening figure box, and inside are seven sprues in grey styrene, three of which were linked within the box on arrival, but were removed for ease of photography.  Each figure has a separate sprue, and there are three larger sprues of accessories that will provide plenty of additional fodder for other projects or the spares box.  The figures are broken down sensibly into torso, separate arms, legs and heads, with additional breaks where detail and moulding requirements dictate, especially in the hands where fingers are separated to grip weapons, and where the bottom of the feet would be visible, the sole has been moulded separately in order to depict the tread.  Two soldiers are sitting cradling their rifles, while one is kneeling and holding his MP44 in both hands as if he is a little wary of possible enemy contact.  The final figure is crouched on his haunches with an MP40 in his hands, leaning forward and alert, as if he is also concerned about what it coming down the road.  Someone ought to tell the other two, as they seem totally unaware.




The three accessory sprues are filled with various weapons that include Kar98 rifles, MP40s, MP44s, MP38s, an FG42, and various pistols in and out of holsters.  Ammo pouches, map bags, ammo boxes, water bottles, gas mask cylinders, day bags, entrenching tools, bayonets in and out of scabbards, a row of seven Stahlhelms that use sliding moulds to create the distinctive peak and rear brim of the helmets, as well as an open kit box with hollow interior, lid, and a hollow cup.  The last bit of slide-moulding is used to provide the recessed lenses for a pair of field glasses.  There are a few items on the sprues where the uses are not immediately clear, but as they’re in a tiny minority and shouldn’t be needed for this set, it’s not an issue.


As always with MiniArt figure sets, the sculpting, poses and fabric drape of the individuals is first-rate, with construction eased by the join lines of the parts being along the natural seams or bends of the various limbs, which extends to the accessories in equal measure.


Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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