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Scatter Grass

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probably a stupid question, but the glue used to stick down grass scatter is that just a PVA glue? Don’t really want to spend yet more money on glue from Hobbycraft if it’s just PVA. What glue do you guys use?

Thank you.

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When making dioramas, bases, etc., I usually use wood glue. I use it to glue grass (also static), sand, small pebbles. I dilute it with a little water. The glue is white but a thin layer becomes transparent after drying. And it's cheap 😉

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You can water down PVA, but the various dio glues are really convenient, and I see why people use them.  I certainly do, having bought a couple of bottles when I had something in mind a few years back.  Needless to say I totally overdid it, so have tons left :doh: I also got a bottle of Dio Glue in from AMMO the other day, which is a 35ml bottle full of a similar stuff.  I suspect there's some additives included with the commercial products, although there's no way to be 100% sure without you ask them, and they don't mind giving away product information that could reduce their income.  They're very convenient, and unlikely to dry up in between uses, so it's one of those things.  Buy some, or make some.  Totally up to the individual :)

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