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Red Flag 91-3: 89TFS F-16As

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Vipers of the 89th Tac Fighter Squadron, 906th Tac Fighter Group, Air Force Reserve out of Wright-Patterson AFB. At Nellis AFB for the Red Flag 91-3 large force exercise, May 1991.



79-0354 89tfs DO KLSV 19910504 13cr1



79-0380 89tfs DO KLSV 19910504 08cr



80-0474 89tfs DO 906TFG KLSV 19910504 01cr


80-0474 89tfs DO 906TFG KLSV 19910504 07cr



80-0480 89tfs DO KLSV 19910504 21cr1



80-513 89tfs DO KLSV 19910504 21cr



80-0515 89tfs DO KLSV 19910504 26cr1



F-16A 80-0517


Thanks for looking,


Old Viper Tester

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