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Mr Hobby products in stock now at BlackMike Models

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Over the last year we've been slowly building up the range of Mr Hobby (GSi Creos) products we carry in stock to the point where I can now say we carry the full range of H Series Mr Hobby Aqueous Acrylic and Mr Color C series Lacquer based paints along with Thinners, Mr Surfacers etc. We also have all the MC Metal Color and SM Super Metallic 2 series paints, the various different glues, decal solutions and masking fluids etc. (if any particular colours are out of stock it's only temporary as we restock the paints, thinners and Mr Surfacers etc on a very regular basis so keep checking)

We are always adding to the stock carried and as the Mr Hobby catalogue is so extensive it'll take a while longer to get everything we intend to carry actually in store however, in the meantime,  if there is anything in particular from the catalogue (that is available in the U.K.) that you don't see but want then drop us an e-mail or message here on BM and we'll see what we can do (this includes the Procon airbrush range which we'll be adding to our stock at some point soon).

There are restrictions on what can be sent through the regular Royal Mail so those restricted items are dispatched by a surface delivery service (to mainland U.K. addresses only, all other items are dispatched via Royal Mail or Courier where appropriate), full details are on the website.


Duncan B




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