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Photo etched parts. Glue ?


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I’ve recently been presented with some PE parts for the first time ever in all my years of modelling. 
And I hated it!

They came in a kit to enhance the details so I gave them a go, but lost patience very quickly. Mostly with the issue of glueing the damn the things on to the model.

I used superglue, not a cheap make, but a decent one from my local model store which works brilliantly on plastic. But try as I might the parts either wouldn’t stick , or would take ages to do so. And even then not terribly effectively. In the end I ended up using plasticweld and effectively embedded some parts in.

Then I just gave up and thought f*** it. 

What am I doing wrong? Is there a knack to this? Is there a specific type of glue? 

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I use either CA or a PVA glue depending on circumstances. For PE to PE joints, I use CA; thin if I want it to wick into corners or medium if I need a little body. I'll use medium for PE to plastic joints that are edge-on. If I'm joining a PE surface to a plastic surface, such as a doubler plate or some such, I use a PVA glue, like Formula '560' Canopy Glue as this remains flexible and results in a more resilient bond. CA on a surface to surface joint is likely to fail due to excess shear stress. For applying CA, I puddle a little glue on a piece of scap plastic or foil, and then use an applicator to apply glue to joint.


As for your experience, I wonder if the PE had some coating? I generally clean parts with 91% Isopropyl alcohol to remove any contaminants prior to assembly.. I especially due this before painting any model parts. A bath in soapy (dish washing liquid) water might also work.


For painting PE, I'll use Mr.Metal Primer R. I typically brush it on, then I airbrush primer (thinned Mr.Surfacer), then paint.

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7 hours ago, Solexman said:

But try as I might the parts either wouldn’t stick , or would take ages to do so.

You might try some superglue accelerator. There are many available (and there are home recipes)

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Thanks guys.

So CA is essentially fine but perhaps I need thicker / thinner options?

Also a decent PVA is useful?


I actually suspect there was some type of coating on the parts, and no I didn’t clean them. Having that said I don’t clean the plastic mouldings before painting, and have never had problems. 
So going forward I’ll get hold of some various options and see how it goes.

Although I’m still no convert to PE. 😁

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