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Kodiak AEV. Colours


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Assuming that you mean the recommendations for the Border Models kit, I would've thought that NATO Black, NATO Green and NATO Brown would be easy colours to find. I know that Tamiya do all three, and I'd assume that whatever brand you prefer does something similar too. A bit of looking online will give you the nearest matches from whatever to whatever. It just takes a bit of effort sometimes.


I can't vouch for the Tamiya interpretations of those colours, as I'm not an armour builder, but if I can find them, anyone can. If you're a smartphone user, there are apps available that will help with that colour conversion - I have found Hobby Color Converter for Android pretty useful (can't help with the ifruit thing, I can't stand them).

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I replied 3 weeks ago, and he hasn't even had the courtesy to say thank you, so a bit of shouting is probably about par for the course, innit.

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