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Double Build of Hungarian Butcher Birds: two 1/72 FW190F-8s

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As part of the recent great FW 190 STGB I modeled my first FW 190s--a 1/72 Revell F-8 and a 1/72 Airfix A-6 which I converted to a F-8. Neither are especially great kits, and by all accounts Eduard's are much better. I used decals from Techmod for the yellow-heavy Hungarian air force markings. I had a lot of fun and did Luftwaffe mottling for the first time--I don't airbrush and in this case I used a Q-tip with very thinned RLM 74 and 75 for the mottle. Anyway, these are certainly not the most perfect FW 190s around here (gosh there are some real BM beauties!), but I really enjoyed building them and the camaraderie of the GB. Here they are, the Revell with wheels down (yellow 54), Airfix wheels up (white 21).











WIP is here in case of interest:


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