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Hi all - first time poster, long time lurker.


Here's a ICM Soviet Air Force MiG-25RB in 1:72 scale I finished last week. Brush painted with Vallejo acrylics, everything OOB - apart from the seat which is an Eduard aftermarket part for a MiG-21 - from looking at references it looked identical to the 25's.


I'm a slow builder at the best of times but this build took far, far longer than it should have done (an embarrassing number of months, especially as I only work on one project at a time). I had a lot of alignment issues with the fuselage, which seemed far too complicated a design to me. Lots of sanding and fettling required - hopefully not too obvious in the finished product. Was also slowed down by the crazy amount of tiny stencils.


But overall I'm happy with the end product, of an extremely cool plane.


MiG-25 1


MiG-25 2


MiG-25 3


MiG-25 4


MiG-25 5


MiG-25 6


MiG-25 7


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Jets not my thing but your Mig looks great especially the smooth brush painted finish - well done!





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