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D-Day 80th Anniversary 6th June - 27th September 2024


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Inspired by @bootneckamazing Mulberry harbour build currently underway in the Out of my comfort zone GB, next year marks the 80th anniversary of this event.


Date range for subjects are 5th June to 30th August 1944 based on the 75th Anniversary GB.


Obviously the range and variety of topics are enormous vehicles, ships, aircraft, buildings etc.


So who fancies it ?


1.@JOCKNEY (Host)


3. @stevehnz



6. @vppelt68

7. @Robert Stuart

8. @bigfoot

9. @CliffB

10. @Romeo Alpha Yankee

11. @vppelt68

12. @Corsairfoxfouruncle

13. @Rafwaffe

14. @Ozzy

15. @Beardybloke

16. @dnl42

17. @2996 Victor

18. @John Masters

19. @81-er

20. @wimbledon99

21. @S-boat 55

22. @wellzy

23. @stevej60

24. @LorenSharp

25. @Snafu35

26. @Erwin

27. @Trevor L

28. @janneman36

29. @Grandboof

30. 🏁 @Mattp7999

31. @bigfoot

32. @Ettore

33. @theplasticsurgeon

34. @Longbow

35. @heloman1

36. @rafalbert

37. @Skyf24

38. @Marlin

39. @S-boat 55

40. @fatfingers

41. @HarryHobbyin

42. @Pedro52











Cheers Pat

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Me, obviously!


Planes, ships, AFV's, trucks, figures, buildings and dioramas.  That must be the perfect catch-all for a very interesting GB.



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1 hour ago, Romeo Alpha Yankee said:

Of course, who doesn't like a D-Day stripe or 2 to liven up the display case!

See what I wrote in the Spitfire PR Mk.XI Gallery post in the Recce GB: "I will probably need to buy another one that'll get more decorating - itching to add the invasion stripes on the PRU blue!" :winkgrin:

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1 hour ago, JOCKNEY said:

I think this one needs a wee bump 

Bunfight... Bumfight... BUMPFIGHT!? :bounce: Let's all flood 🌊 the forum with bumb-messages in our GB proposal threads. The Mods will love it :rofl:

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I did want to do an LST Pier with an LST2 alongside last time, for the 75th anniversary, but I realised that I would not have time to do both, so I ended up only doing this scratchbuild of an LST2.  .


This time, I will attempt to do the LST Pier.  It covers a fairly large area; therefore, I shall use 1:350 scale components which are produced by L'Arsenal


Box 1 contains a standard Mulberry pontoon




Box 2 has the Pontoon extension




Box 3 comes with buffer pontoons




Box 4 includes the LST Pontoon set




Box 5 consists of the shore ramp and accessories




and then there is box 13 and this contains the floating bridge spans for the vehicle to move to shore.




Once the LST Pier has been completed, I shall be able to bring alongside my scratchbuilt LST2 from the last GB.



plus its associated vehicles!



That should keep me busy for quite a while next year.







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Can you add me in please?  

I need to find a suitable FAA subject but plenty of time to figure that one out..  Hopefully it will be at least three months to allow me plenty of time to get my build done.


Last D-Day build (75th anniversary) I built Lt MJ Crosley’s Seafire LIII from the Spotting Pool.  First thought is a Hellcat from the defence of the Western approaches or maybe a Swordfish on anti Eboat/UBoat patrol but you never know…

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Intrigued, how about a B17 for something different? The 95th BG sent 36 a/c to bomb Boulogne as part of the supporting operation on D-Day. None were lost and not an invasion stripe on any of them.

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