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Journalists in War (35751) 1:35


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Journalists in War (35751)

1:35 ICM via H G Hannants Ltd




It’s an important part of war that the truth gets out to the wider world, at least within the constraints of operational security.  We’re all painfully aware of what’s been going on in the Ukraine over this last year, and the press have been in the thick of it, providing the world at large with a more honest representation of the facts that the invader.  They often wear body armour and a MICH style covered helmet when they’re close to the front, with blue fabric and the words PRESS emblazoned in white in the hope that it will prevent the invader from firing on them.  Sadly, that’s not always the case, so you must appreciate the bravery of these people their cameramen and   technicians that put themselves in harm’s way to give us chapter and verse on the proceedings.



The Kit

This is a new tool figure set from ICM, and arrives in a top-opening box with a painting of the subject matter on the lid, and a captive flap on the lower tray.  Inside are two sprues of parts in a resealable bag, and the instruction sheet that has a parts diagram and colour chart on one side, and a combined painting and construction guide on the other, using colour drawings and many lines to point out part numbers in black and colours in red boxed letters that can be translated to ICM, Revell and Tamiya paint codes from the table overleaf.




There are four figures on the main sprue, three journalists, and one brave Ukrainian soldier being interviewed.  All the figures are standing, the interviewer holding out a microphone with large wind-gag to the soldier that is wearing his full battle rig, including tac-vest, backpack and kneepads, and carrying an AK74 derivative with an optional Underslung Grenade Launcher (UGL) across his chest, and a wide-brimmed floppy hat on his head.  The cameraman has a large two-part camera on his shoulder, wearing shorts, vest and a blue peaked cap, plus a bag slung over his shoulder.  The remaining crew member is taking still photos with a DSLR, and has a camera bag slung over her shoulder, the strap for which is moulded into her torso, the bag being a separate part.  Sculpting is first rate as we’ve come to expect from ICM, and the figures are all broken down sensibly, with separate arms, legs, torso and heads, which have flat tops to their heads where the need for hats or helmets arises.






There are no decals included, although a few PRESS logos would have been appreciated, but the colours are all pointed out on the build drawings, with plenty of options for alternate colours that will give your models a bit of personality, plus a swatch of the modern digital camouflage that is the camouflage of choice of the Ukrainian forces, and for which you can now buy a sheet of decals to help you to get a more realistic finish to the camo without painstaking hours marking out all the colours in individual blocks.  I found my sheet by Breeze Decals, a collaboration with Dora Wings on eBay, so you now have your starting point.  ICM have also just released a new acrylic paint set with six civilian colours, which is numbered #3030, and we’ll be reviewing that soon, so keep your eyes open.






An excellent addition to any Ukrainian (or many other places with different camouflage used) diorama that you may be planning, with crisp details that should look great after sympathetic painting and weathering.  It also helps that it’s competitively priced, even at full retail.


Highly recommended.


Available in the UK from importers H G Hannants Ltd.



Review sample courtesy of






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ICM are to be complimented for their progress with non-fighting figures:  pilots at rest, civilians at Chernobyl and now this set of journalists.  ICM do produce very good figures in fighting poses and I hope that they will continue with these non-combatant themes as well.  Nice review Mike.




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