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F-16A Block 1/5/10 Backdate Set

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Hi folks and friends,


I'd like to show (off?) my latest release, a backdate set for Kinetic's new tool F-16A kit.

With this set you can build early Block aircraft, from 1 to 10.

Contained are small stabilators with static dischargers, early type main isntrument panel, the corresponding coaming with HUD camera,

a replacement fuselage panel with the early type ECS exhaust and a couple of antennas.

With the exception of the ECS panel, all other parts are drop fit replacements for kit parts, no surgery needed.

There is also guidance in the instructions on how to modify some kit parts to further increase accuracy for the early Block airframes.

The stabilators are cast in extra strong resin (from a 3D printed master), the other parts are direct 3D print parts.










Many thanks for your attention, I hope you'll like this set.

New F-16A (early) decals are on the way from Bullseye Model Aviation and PK Productions, something to look out for as well.


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