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Creating a Lancaster bomber action sequence - Star Wars Style!

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More "Aviation filmography" rather than "photography" but on the basis cameras are involved...


I came across a facininating video/YouTube channel by InCamera, a film production company, who specialise in combining modern technology with traditional in-camera SFX techniques. In this video they talk about progress for a new WW2 Short Film 'A Memory Owed' and catch up with their pre-production tests and video as they explore the possibilities of combining scale pyrotechnic effects with a motion controlled miniature (in this case a superb HKM 1/32 Avro Lancaster with operating props and turrets).


A particular sequence shows construction of a 1/5 scale Lanc wing and engine section which is used to reproduce / film an engine fire sequence. It goes into some depth about techniques to get things right and the importance of lighting. I understand the film will also feature the East Kirkby Lanc NX611 'Just Jane'. 


The yet to be released short film project: ‘A Memory Owed’ is an emotive story about loss, healing and remembrance set across 1944 and present. During the war, a young replacement Wireless Operator joins a Lancaster crew and takes off on his first operation over Germany. Fast forward 79 years to where 90 year old Stanley and his young carer, visit a museum. Their generational differences become more and more apparent until they discover a connection. Building on that connection, they go on a journey of remembrance...







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