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Paul O`Grady dead.


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I liked his caustic wit on his Sunday Radio 2 show. It made the show very different and worth listening to

He was and had real character, unlike the bland presenters who have replaced him

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Sad news.  He had a dicky ticker unfortunately, which had played up before.  His work with dogs was pretty impressive - I'm sure there are a lot of dogs out there alive because of him.

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Sad, sad news. I've always enjoyed his humour which was the golden thread throughout his life and in all his many guises. He excelled as Lily Savage, in his comedy acting, his tv shows and in his Radio 2 show. However, the love and compassion he displayed in his animal programmes showed the genuine warmth of the man and his real love of animals.

So much to offer, so much still to do, but taken far too soon.


RIP Paul.






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