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Swedish Cold War Pilot Figure (48-P-004) 1:48

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Swedish Cold War Pilot Figure (48-P-004)

1:48 Pilot Replicas




It seems like only yesterday that we reviewed the recently launched injection-moulded Saab Sk.60/105 by Pilot Replicas in 1:48 here, but it’s a couple of weeks now at time of writing, and this little chap has been lurking about in my review pile.  Although officially a Viggen pilot, he would look equally at home in this new kit as he would in the Mighty Viggen.  He arrived here in an anonymous brown cardboard box, although you may have a sticker on yours, I’m not sure.  Inside is a single pilot figure in grey resin, dressed appropriately for his era, and wearing his helmet with his oxygen mask dangling to one side to facilitate conversation, probably about the paperwork he’s holding in his right hand.  He’s not wearing a parachute or compression “speed jeans”, but instead has an immersion suit with the document panels on his thighs clearly visible, and the stowed life vest around his shoulders, so he’s likely to either be pre- or post-flight, or expecting to fly a sortie at low-G in something unlikely to send all of his blood on an emergency visit to his feet. 


Detail is excellent, and he is attached to his casting block by the bottom of his feet, so clean-up should be easy after cutting him from it, as he’s also standing on smaller blocks that make it easy to determine where the cut-mark should be.  Now if only we knew what he wanted to talk about?  His expression is inscrutable, so we’re not getting any clues there.


Highly recommended.




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