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P-61 Wheels

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I'm looking at the old Monogram P-61 and as a product of its age the wheels aren't that well detailed.  But I'm thinking they look a lot like the wheels on the A-26 Invader. Did aircraft manufacturers manufacture their own wheels or were these an "off the shelf" item they selected to suit the calculated loads etc?

I have a spare set of wheels from an A-26 and thinking they'd be a big improvement over the P-61 wheels.  

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3 hours ago, Roman Schilhart said:

The P-61 should have the same wheel size as the A-26 Invader/B-26 Marauder.

Does that mean the same tyre size though?



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Bill Woodall's 'Tire and Wheel Data' pdf lists both the A-26 and the P-61 as having wheels 20" rim dia and 13.25" width.

He gives the A-26 tyre, (sorry tire), as 17.00 x 20 and the P-61 as 15.5 x 20.


Peter M

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