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Arii Owner's Club 1/32 '63 Honda T360

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I will be building the Arii 1/32 Honda T360 for this group build. This is the most recent boxing, but it was first releases in 1988.

The T360 was the first car produced by Honda. It was a mid-engine "Sport Truck", with a 354cc engine, producing a whopping 30 hp.


These Arii kits are quite simple, and easy to build. This is all there is in the box, in a nice green plastic.



Instructions are all on one page, with Gunze aqueous colour call outs:



Some decals, metal axles and rubber tires are provided:



The main body:



This should be fun.

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I added the front end to the main body and sanded the bumper smooth. The driveshaft was added to the lower frame and axle bit. All the bits were then given a coat of Mr. Primer Surfacer 1000. I then painted some of the bits with their appropiate colours, Gunze 45 blue, and a Tamiya mix of black and grey.




So far so good.

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A neat little kit, indeed. Also quite basic, thus a quick build.


The body has been painted now. The bumper has been sprayed with some Alclad dull aluminium. I hand painted the rubber seal around the windows with some Revell aqua paint.




The interior is pretty much done. Not much detail, but good enough for a cheap kit.




I'll put the clear parts in next and then I can close it up.

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Well, I got a bit carried away, so it's all finished now. :blush:


Another enjoyable quick build. These little Arii kits are no high tech, super detailed kits, but just fun to build. This was my third one, and I plan to build some more in the future.




More pics in the gallery.

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Hi Pete,


That's a very nice model.  Planning to build more, where do you get your kits?  I have been looking for a Daihatsu '57 Midget to build.





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