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2,000lb Bomb AN-M66A2 w/Conical Fin Assembly M130 x 2 (4459) 1:48

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2,000lb Bomb AN-M66A2 w/Conical Fin Assembly M130 x 2 (4459)

1:48 CMK by Special Hobby




The AN-M66A2 bomb was a US made 2,000lb air-dropped bomb that could be fitted with different fin assemblies for various applications, and although it was a WWII era design, it carried on in service long after.  The M130 tail assembly was conical type, extending the length of the completed bomb and increasing stability during flight.  As usual they were fitted with two lugs at 30” centres, plus another on the underside that was positioned at the centre of mass.




This set includes two such bombs as a combination of traditional resin casting and 3D printed parts.  The main bodies where the explosive component resides as cast in grey resin, while the tail assemblies are 3D printed in light orange, attached to their printing base by several thin tendril-like support fingers that are easy to cut off and sand smooth.  The bombs are attached to their casting blocks at the rear, so the cutting point will be hidden within the tail, so you don’t need to be too fussy with your razor saw.  A tiny Photo-Etch (PE) fuse spinner is supplied with a spare on one tiny fret of PE, and these should be glued to the raised turret on the nose, and once the glue is dry, the blades should be tilted with your tweezers to give it the correct shape.  Once basic painting is done in olive green, the stencils on the small decal sheet, and the yellow bands for the nose cone are applied, and as these decals have the same removable carrier film as Eduard’s, you should be able to peel it away once it is dry.  How much weathering and scratching of the paint you do is then up to you.





No more than a few minutes’ work to put them together, and very nicely detailed ordnance to hang from your latest model.


Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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