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On the 7th of June 44

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It has often been written that the Luftwaffe was absent from the Normandy's skies. Nothing could be so wrong. The excellent book by JB Frappé, althought in French, proves that against overwhelming forces the German airmen fought well and died so. The picture on the cover of that book , and some pics in it, were the inspirations for my model and I have tried my best to duplicate a Bf 109 G6 from the II/JG3 taking of from a base around Evreux to go on a bombing mission on the landing beaches. As there are no markings for that particular plane I had to do with my own masks and the white filet around the chevron , bar and number one were nightmares to do right. I took advantage of a light end of winter sun to take the pics. And so it goes, best regards.

52757428238_5aee691b3c_4k.jpgDFC93BBE-3A7A-40EB-8DC1-1773A9BDB7E2_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr

52756407162_0de6772939_5k.jpg4BFD44DD-B1C5-4B8B-8F54-52B7CFD0A9A7_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr

52756407132_16e838e31b_5k.jpgDDD7CC0D-6A73-4455-9E0E-6620908244BF_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr

52757191069_ef37575e10_6k.jpg269BFCD1-EB3A-4081-A0A9-F22CCDA93623_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr

52757191029_cfda8588b4_6k.jpgC71D41FC-FD79-41D8-9303-8CE79DB1CA46_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr

52757351400_42e51da3cb_5k.jpg0875AC02-5712-4EE6-89CB-69D4EAD6EC8F_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr

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Hi Jean,

beautiful! Interesting story and interesting model! It turns out perfect especially I believe that it was a nightmare to do the masking. But it looks more than perfect! 

Cheers 🍻 



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