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Very STOL ! Quite crazy ?


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What asthonished me is that there was no headwind (look at the windsock). At first, I thought the landing was not that difficult given the fact that with a strong headwind and little to no turbulence at this altitude over ground such an aircraft can basically hover on the spot.

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This is an incredible feat, but we need to understand the aircraft that was used. These planes are designed to stop and take off in unbelievably short distances. They are also built to operate out of dirt, unpaved airstrips (hence the huge, low-pressure tires, which absorb major shocks caused by large holes and the like).


Thanks for sharing this with us. 



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And of course the aircraft was suitably modified to achieve this feat. It was lightened and the engine had additional nitrous injection in order to get enough power to actually depart from the platform again. Still, an impressive (and crazy) stunt :)




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