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1/48 Kinetic BAe Harrier Gr.3


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Kinetics 1/48 BAe Harrier Gr.3. Not a bad kit overall.  Done as a 4 Sqn Cold War machine .  Thanks to Nick from the Harrier SIG for his help. Any errors are mine.  There is a full build article at my blog along with some more photos of the finished model in another post 


I used the following Aftermarket

  • Phase Hangar Resin Centreline Pylon
  • Phase Hangar Resin Outriggers and Wheels
  • Reskit Wheels
  • Reskit Matra 155 Rocket Pods
  • Aires Exhausts (for the Sea Harrier) 
  • Quickboost Scoops
  • Eduard Seat Belts
  • Master Models Pitot (modified) 
  • Eduard Steel RBF Tags (pylons)
  • HGW Fabric RBF tags (Outriggers)


Anyway here's some photos




















I couldn't resist snapping a couple of shots beside it's Cold War contemporary, the Jaguar.



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I note your Kiwi icon. Did you know that there is a GR3 in NZ? Ashburton aviation museum, about an hour’s drive south of Christchurch, to be specific. 

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Splendid little Harrier, isn't it? It brings back memories of the 80s and the Gütersloh Harriers. Back then I saw them almost daily and remembered them as going low, fast and agile.


The appearance of your model looks spot on. I like the weathering (maybe some extra soot stains on the rear fuselage...), the paint chipping and the added bits like the RBF tags and the down locks. It looks really alive, especially in the head on view. 👍



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Really nice work, I do like the subtle weathering details.

Good job on the rocket pod covers, I recently made the GR1 version with the Reskit pods and gave up trying to paint them on. I think I need a silhouette cutter like yourself.


gazza l

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Outstanding work!  You've made a great job of it and the wear and weathering is very realistic.  The photos really do it justice too. 👌


Keith 😁 

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