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Hi From Sunny (sometimes) Kidderminster.


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Hi every one, I have recently joined the forum.


I had been making models for many years but now have arthritis which makes handling small parts almost impossible. I have always been very keen on getting the details on models spot on so now I tend to commission a lot of my models, however I can still hold a paint brush so concentrate on painting the figures to complement anything made for me.

I am looking forward to seeing the forum members models and getting to know you all.


Happy modeling, John :)  

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16 hours ago, Eyefordetail said:

but now have arthritis

I know exactly what you mean. I've had the rheumatoid variety for 25 years, but now the hospital has told me that I also have something called condrocalcinosis. Still modelling though, but it can be a pain (literally) at times. Anyway, welcome aboard John, and I hope that you'll still be able to enjoy your modelling.



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23 minutes ago, Eyefordetail said:

Great name and flippen heck it defiantly is a small world!

It is a great name, and even funnier is the small world thing; back in 2003, or so, I went to a Who concert in Watford, and met up with some other Who fans in a bar before the show. I was introduced to a guy, whose name was also John. So I said to him (a Who in joke here) "From Oz"? and he said "no, Kidderminster".


So I said words to the effect of "Good God, so am I" ! We've been to see the Who - or met up at shows - many times since.



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