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Sending Personal Messages (PMs) within the forum


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If you're not used to how to send other members of the forum individual messages that will only be read by them and not the rest of the forum, this is how to do it.


  1. Click/tap on the little envelope icon in the top right of the forum page.
  2. Choose Compose New.
  3. Complete the To box  with the name of the member(s) you want to talk to, pressing tab if you're sending a message to more than one.  This must be correctly spelt for them to receive it, and the forum will suggest names based on what you've typed already.
  4. Complete the Subject box with a brief description of what you wanted to talk to them about.
  5. Type all your verbiage in the Message box in the usual polite & respectful manner, and remember to sign it with your real name, as I for one like to talk to real people rather than silly user names.
  6. Click/Tap Send once you're happy with your missive, remembering that it's a good idea to re-read anything you type to cut down on spelling mistakes and to see whether it could be misinterpreted, thereby causing offence.
  7. Wait for a response, and choose Reply if you get one and you're not done talking.


If you get a response, just click/tap on the message in your Notification list, and it will take you there.  To reply, see No.7 :)



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6 minutes ago, Chimpion said:

On my Android phone the envelope icon isn't on the main screen. I need to first click on the menu icon, then it appears. Alternatively, clicking on the user name takes you to their profile and that has a very prominent envelope icon.


That's the downside of the "responsive" design of modern forum software.  It finds out what kind of device you're using, whether it's a desktop/laptop, tablet or phone, and responds by changing how the forum looks and to a lesser extent how it behaves.  Smaller devices have an extra step that starts with the hamburger menu button.  That's the industry way to describe that three-layered icon that brings up the menu.

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On 3/16/2023 at 11:01 PM, Mike said:

That's the industry way to describe that three-layered icon that brings up the menu.

I grew up with smartphones calling it the 'three hotdogs' menu, and it's kind of stuck with me 😂

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