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Long Range Desert Group Patrol - Late 1942-43

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The idea behind this diorama/collection started with the Chevy 1533 as a stand alone model but then as I got into researching the old photos, etc. I saw that I could create a Ford F30 by converting the IBG Models Chevrolet C30A CMP Steel Body. Then I needed some extra jerry cans as the F30 was apparently a thirsty beast, so I decided the best (cheapest) way to get some was the Tamiya SAS Jeep model. Of course this then became the pilot car for the patrol. So here we are in a wadi in the Western Desert with the F30, dragged out of retirement due to vehicle shortages of the newer Chevrolets, needing some attention on the engine to keep it running. The driver of the Chevy (carrying the Boys AT gun) is chatting with the driver of the F30 as the gunner in the Chevy takes the Lewis gun off and waits for the Boys. Then we have the patrol commander and the pilot car driver discussing the plan for the day ahead. Hope you enjoy these images.




y4mfSmTm5okE6B0Qnl1bm0ODF8JDBbG8Zr3jWLxr     y4mt_kj-yvBzPjwJFANCXW2BxZT8yvNMr8aBaXZf


y4m5WUYi2EnelU9XYtMNf_i9GYS7I4PR-c694BlI     y4m_smHJQLedjQKGEzEDtxrf-th24sVabAM2Tb2I


y4m-c-J4-D25CcylO0QUXyzJYvLgoqhGR4zpHNBK     y4mt3CZpry5-Cdk3DJ1ELvodmIQ1eF9wc7FCb2nK


y4m2pOJGsrMSBkTbS9oNL_e3xdpCpj_7f4AczM39     y4mv3sRRrVvLZaJaW82oQaX9HVjJxRAIZFoiNAGa


y4msIlnEKm_27uyonimTimlQVSkIMifF2R_uqUfK     y4mKs-g01wogJlQnhYauosbnPiCEZ9WroZux5Vuj


Then I had a bit of a play in Photoshop to age some photos in black and white to try and replicate originals.


y4mLKoexR_jnVhVskMimHQVjUKfVRdEREjG_B-xW     y4mFQ5XaRNkQZI6Nhnp4r9VrKf39SOXyB_p5LhcL


y4mQfhbS35FZ-B1Ux6DMHV-drgnLv0WrfCO2wuCz     y4mehmE_QtT4MtereH2feubLvPkGUSABTPjRPhO5


y4mKsZZI4hgdf6O9KbmfPvaUpso4mMqj2q58CquL     y4mHRs9MttBZFFlYoj_9vqx8L1I2jSQsjIunWXzU


Thanks for looking.

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Wow, that brings the three beauties together nicely. My father served as a company commander in PzRgt 8 - that's why I love everything Western Desert.

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Seems I missed a lot of dioramas being RFI'ed... I love it. Great composition as the Ford was still used after the arrival of the chevies... and I have the exact same kit in my stash with the exact same plan to build it. Any hints? 

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Hi Johnny,

it's not too difficult a conversion. Some info and pics of the finished truck are in the armour section here as well as some of the source photos I used. Being one of the first models I'd made for thirty years I had no idea about all the bits and bobs you can get nowadays so all my conversion bits were home made (see the oversize rivets). The engine cowlings could/should have been cut back further but that was getting a bit ambitious for me as a first effort. The IBG kit is fairly fiddly compared to the Tamiya Chevy and I had some trouble getting the rear bed in just the right spot so the rear wheels sat central to the arches and still cleared the fuel tank fillers behind the cab. Whether you can source some sand wheels/tyres may be tricky as at the time I found the last set I could see and they had to come from Australia.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your take on it.

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thanks for the heads up, will study. 

34 minutes ago, Slackbladder said:

I had no idea about all the bits and bobs you can get nowadays so all my conversion bits were home made (see the oversize rivets)

that's my kind of modelling, in about 30 years of modelling altogether (dang, I'm getting old) I can count my aftermarket sets on two hands.

The cutting back of the cowlings, that is what I fear most. I already (sort of) scratchbuilt me some desert wheels from the kit rim and the Chevy wheels... audiologists have the needed tools and materials in their repair corner😂 Once I get going - it must be hot for that - I must think of posting pics. 

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Great diorama. The rocks and ground are excellent, and the colours are spot on, but to me the figures stand out, because they all look like they are doing something and interacting with each other naturally.






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