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Dark Angels Intercessor


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On a whim, I picked up one of these MASSIVE WH40K figures the other day, as I think I might have a case of the nostalgias at the moment, thanks to @shortCummins and his pesky Star Wars Legion figures. <_< These things are about 7" or 18cm tall and articulated, so they're clearly action figures, and they're available painted for those that just want to own one without going through the painting phase. 




They're made from a slightly flexible , tough plastic, and there is evidence of of mould seams on some parts, as you might be able to pick out from the pic above.  It sands with one of Ultimate's coarser sanding sticks, but some of the seams are a bit deep, so will need filling.  I'm after some advice on what to use as a filler, so I don't end up with it cracking and falling out during handling and painting.  If anyone's got a suggestion for a primer too, I'd be grateful.


I always liked the Space Marine figures, and the design has been ever-so-slightly updated and crisped up for the new millellium, but it's still pretty close to the original apart from the jet-pack, which they changed with the later generation.  The old ones were a bit more Flash Gordon than these.  Overall I'm quite impressed with the moulding, and it's a surprisingly poseable figure too, with more articulation to the limbs than you'd think, although sometimes you have to be a bit rough with it to get it to move or rotate into position.  I'd also have liked to put my own scratches on his knee pads, but I can always fill them in once I've got a suitable filler.


I've chucked a Star Wars Legion figure and a pot of Citadel paint in for scale, as I couldn't find any bananas :D

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2 minutes ago, John Laidlaw said:

It'll be interesting to see how this one turns out.

Me too.  If it turns out. You know what I'm like for finishing things :blush:

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this should be interesting, he's huge


does it come fully built? do you have to cut any pieces from a sprue? if you do could you make some sprue-goo using the same plastic, I think that would've you the best chance of filling where needed?

if there's no sprue do they give you a choice of parts? different weapons? if so you could sacrifice one of the options to make some sprue-goo.


for primer I'd use Mr Surfacer 1500 primer as it will etch into the plastic giving you a stable base to work from.




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36 minutes ago, shortCummins said:

does it come fully built? do you have to cut any pieces from a sprue?

It’s fully built, with just the jetpack a friction fit on his back, and his blaster a really horrible fit with his one gripping hand. I’m not even sure that liquid glue would melt the plastic, and I’ve got no need to try it out either.  I could always slop a bit inside the jetpack socket, but my gut (all six acres of it) tells me it won’t melt it. :hmmm: 

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