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Compressor problem - won't auto stop.


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I've got an unbranded compressor (no tank) that I bought in 2008 which according to the parts sheet is a TC-501C. The pressure gauge is branded Sparmax, and it is very similar in layout to the modern Sparmax jobs. It's been stored in the loft for the past couple of years, however I'm modelling again after a fallow period and when I went to use it today the auto stop feature doesn't, that is when it reaches the set pressure (it does have a regulator) it just carries on running. I've checked for leaks around the joints with soapy water, and I can neither see nor feel any air loss. Pressure wise it will sit at the pressure selected, be it 15 or 50psi. Any ideas? Time to replace??

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I've had a reply, they suggested that either the pressure valve was blocked or broken. I removed the valve, cleaned it out as best I could, then replaced it, and everything worked as it should. I have however bought a replacement, just in case.

Thanks again.

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