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Saab Sk.60 RM9B Engine Upgrade (48R019) 1:48

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Saab Sk.60 RM9B Engine Upgrade (48R019)

1:48 Pilot Replicas




We’ve just finished reviewing the new injection moulded 1:48 Saab SK.60 kit from Pilot Replicas, and have cleared away all the drool, but it’s not over yet.  As is the modern fashion, several aftermarket sets have been produced to be available on launch to augment the detail of the base kit, for those amongst us that are detail obsessed.  This is the largest and most impressive of the sets, although the seats we reviewed recently were pretty cool.  It arrives in a large flat box with the details of the set on the captive top cover.  The set includes twenty resin and two Photo-Etch (PE) parts that will allow the modeller to augment the new Pilot Replicas Sk.60 kit with its engine nacelles opened up as if for maintenance.  It involves the removal of the centre section of the kit fuselage, which must be carried out before you begin building the kit.




Construction begins with making the RM9 turbojet engines from two main halves of the cylindrical assembly, adding an exhaust insert and three ancillary parts around the motor, which is all done twice, one for each side of the fuselage.  The section of the fuselage to be removed is marked out in red, showing them before and after surgery to embolden the modeller into cutting into their otherwise intact model.  The two halves of the resin replacement to the aft fuselage are joined together and inserted into the back of the truncated kit fuselage, taking care to align the two sub-assemblies to achieve a neat join under the belly and at the wing root where it will be most visible.  The two engines are then mated at the rear of the kit nacelle section and the kit tail cone is added behind, then the new resin aft cowling halves are attached at their hinge-points above and below the engines, although this step is likely to be done much later in the build, while the PE rib that glues against the kit nacelle aft edges to add detail can be done straight away.  Toward the nose, the new resin one-piece intakes and their trunking are inserted into the front of the kit nacelles, completing the route from intake to exhaust, after which it is closed in by the kit front cowlings during the rest of the build, adding the upper wing shortly after, and carrying on to the end of the kit instructions.


The rear page of the instructions show 3D isometrics of the finished kit with exposed engines on one side, and three colour reference photos of a preserved example at a museum on the other, showing that the majority of the interior is painted silver.




The set is impressive, and the detail is similarly so.  I feel that a separate set with just the intakes could find an additional market for those modellers that like a smooth, single part intake on their jet aircraft.


Very highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of



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