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Russian Invasion of Estonia - 2023 !


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The Russian Army recently 'invaded' Estonia (and the other Baltic States & Poland) courtesy of a 'third party'. Estonia was gifted a T-72B3 (according to the Information Board) and it is currently 'on tour' around the country before going on permanent display in the Estonian Military Museum near Tallinn. Apologies for the quality of the fourth photograph, taken in a blizzard here in Tartu on Saturday. UPDATE: What a difference a day makes....went back this afternoon and managed to re-shoot most of the images in brilliant sunshine.


I am no expert but it looks as if it was disabled through several means. The largest amount of damage from projectiles appears on the right hand side, taking away part of the decking and setting fire to the rear of the turret (probably a Javelin or similar that narrowly missed separating the turret from the chassis). I took several other photos so if you need more detail please let me know.






The missing bogie appears yo have been removed in accordance with a maintenance manual (in other words to repair another tank).






Only appeared to have ERA fitted to the front of the turret but the rear of the tank was obviously targeted.





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34 minutes ago, echen said:

Please excuse my ignorance but has the suspension collapsed?

Torsion bars I think but the front idler is off so that’s probably why the suspension looks flat and the tracks laying on the wheels.

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