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Saab SK60/Saab 105 Brass Pitot Probe (48PT002) 1:48

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Saab SK60/Saab 105 Brass Pitot Probe (48PT002)

1:48 Pilot Replicas




We’ve just finished reviewing the new injection moulded 1:48 Saab SK.60 kit from Pilot Replicas, and have cleared away all the sprues, but round two has already commenced.  As is the modern fashion, several aftermarket sets have been produced to be available on launch to augment the detail of the base kit, for those amongst us that are detail obsessed.  Most of the sets are 3D printed resin, but this one is a little different and arrives in a sturdy Ziploc bag with combined header paper and instruction sheet inside and the turned brass probe in another smaller Ziploc bag glued to the front.  You’ll have to forgive my Knipex tweezers for getting in the frame, but otherwise it was going to be fun to photograph!




The part is tiny, measuring only 13mm long, and 0.6mm wide at the base, so it must be handled very carefully to ensure you don’t fumble and lose it to the carpet monster or worse, your keyboard.  Installation is simple, drilling a 0.6mm hole in the tip of the starboard wing only, and gluing it in so that 10.8mm of the overall length projects from the leading edge of the wing.  It’s a sharp part due to its finesse, so be careful you don’t later stab yourself with it.  You have been warned!


Very highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of



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