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Saab SK.60/Saab 105 Canopy & Wheel double-sided Mask (48CM001) 1:48


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Saab SK.60/Saab 105 Canopy & Wheel double-sided Mask (48CM001)

1:48 Pilot Replicas




We’ve just reviewed the new injection moulded 1:48 Saab SK.60 kit from Pilot Replicas, and have cleared away all the drool, but round two is underway, leading to a crescendo later this week.  As is the modern fashion, several aftermarket sets have been produced to be available on launch to augment the detail of the base kit, for those amongst us that are detail obsessed.  Most of the sets are 3D printed resin, but this one is a little different and arrives in a sturdy Ziploc bag with header paper and instruction sheet inside and the masks themselves behind.




The set includes a sheet of pre-cut kabuki tape style masking material, plus a smaller vinyl sheet that contains masks for the smaller nose wheel that is moulded with an integral mudguard and supports, making it a multi-part mask.  There are also kabuki tape masks for the nose wheel with the exception of the small wedge-shaped area that is best done using vinyl due to its size.  The main wheels have hub masks for both sides, and the canopy masks are double-sided, using different colours to tell them apart, as they look identical at first glance.  From experience it’s best to apply the exterior masks first and align the interior masks with them to get everything lined up properly.  The composite curved canopy sections have narrow frame-hugging masks to avoid wrinkling, the gaps for which are infilled with either additional tape or liquid mask at your choice.  The last masks are for the narrow quarter-lights behind the main canopy.




I’m a huge fan of double-sided canopy masks, so can’t recommend these enough.


Very highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of



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