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Khorne Bloodletters- GW fantasy figures.

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I've recently become the proud recipient of a box of old Warhammer models. They used to belong to my friend's son. They were about to be binned when someone remembered that I'm an uber-nerd who'd really appreciate a pile of badly assembled, glue covered 15 year old minis! :D


I've never done a miniature rescue before, so this is all new to me. It's surprisingly satisfying, much more than I expected. I've got a work in progress in the sci-fi section, but I think I'll post up these little guys here as I complete each one.


First one is kind of special. It's a mini my son painted for his friend when they were kids. I had to re-pose it- it was particularly poorly assembled- then find a colour match for the paints they used. That was the hard part, touching up and tidying the paint job was a real pleasure. 








The next one is my first test piece. It shows. I didn't do enough clean up on the mini before attacking it with hairy sticks and the glowing sword didn't quite come off. Both to be sorted on the next one, hopefully! I also wasn't happy with the paint work. It came up desaturated, dusty and a bit too orange for my tastes. Again, something I can adjust on the next one or three...










I'll keep posting up the minis as I go- hopefully I can show a bit of improvement, but even if not, I'm having a great time with the little chaps, which is kind of the point, eh? 


Thanks for watching. 

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Wow, time flies! I had the camera out last night, taking pictures of something else completely, when I remembered this thread. Sorry about the lack of updates, it completely slipped my mind...


Anyway, I'm calling the marines done for now. I'm not happy with the blood splatter, more practice needed there, but they came out ok otherwise:








Thanks for reading. As always, any comments or critique welcome. 🙂

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Blood for the blood god.


Nice I had those plastic khorne berserkers, as I remember there was just 4 of each part which made it difficult to get enough variation.


Great job, Nice idea having one down on one knee or tripping himself up in his haste to chop up some loyalist marines.

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