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Saab SK60/105 Ejection Seats (483D003 for Pilot Replicas) 1:48

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Saab SK60/105 Ejection Seats (483D003 for Pilot Replicas)

1:48 Pilot Replicas




We’ve just finished reviewing the new injection moulded 1:48 Saab SK.60 kit from Pilot Replicas, and have cleared away all the drool, but it’s not over yet.  As is the modern fashion, several aftermarket sets have been produced to be available on launch to augment the detail of the base kit, for those amongst us that are detail obsessed.  The sets are 3D printed, and offer incredible detail when compared to even the best injection-moulding techniques, whilst having the unexpected bonus of reducing the part count.  The sets arrive in small but sturdy cardboard boxes with an adhesive label differentiating them, and the parts inside are protected by a folded Ziploc bag, while any Photo-Etch (PE) are taped inside the lid.




This first set contains a pair of ejection seats to upgrade from the four-part kit seats, that are pretty decent.  The set has both seats attached by tendril-like supports to a single printing base, and a small PE fret that contain the perforated backplate to be glued onto two circular turrets moulded into the back of the headbox.  Once you have cut the parts away from their supports and removed the tiny pips that these leave behind, the PE is cut from the sheet and glued with CA to the back, completing the build phase.  The detail is phenomenal, as you can see from the photo below, and includes a full set of crew belts that will respond well to sympathetic detail painting before being installed within the cockpit as drop-in replacements.






The detail is jaw-dropping, and will improve the look of the cockpit immensely in one fell swoop, which will be highly visible through the goldfish bowl-like canopy.


Very highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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