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Panther G Command--Dragon 1/35

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Hey Everyone. 


I'm new here to the forums on BM, but I've been referencing others great works here for years now.  Britmodeller has always been one of my go to's for ideas.  Great works here.  I've been modeling on and off since I was about 6 and primarily focus on WW2 AFV, but have also dabbled in Naval vessels and submarines.  Like many, I am a sucker for most German WW2 AFV.  The colors.  The engineering.  In any case, I thought it was about time to start sharing some works of mine.  I have loads, but this one I just recently finished on the bench and had some fun with it.  The Panther G is such a beautifully sculpted vehicle.  It's hard to imagine it as anything other than the most iconic side shot of a tank.


It's a late war Panther G Command.  Not historically accurate to say the least, but I liked the lighter shade 2 tone camo on this one and had some fun with the weathering and a few added goodies. The command figure is my first attempt at adding a figure to my work and like others, not very skilled at it just yet.  But, adding a figure definitely adds to the final result of the tank for sure and I hope to get better at it as I continue to build.  


Periscopes are missing because I can't find them for some reason, but getting a new set to put in.  No worries.


Metal tracks.  A few added parts. I usually always paint with Tamiya paints.  Finish with some enamel washes, powders, and oils.  I kept the weathering minimal as I like the tonal colors so much, I didn't want to cover it up.  I think the German wool blankets were the hardest part for me.  Ironic how hard it is to paint a straight line.  Other than that, pretty much out of the box. Nothing over the top.  Hope you like it.




























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Well, that's a fine first entry to the BM forums. Excellent Panther, really well painted and the subtle weathering does its work. Top job and looking forward to seeing more of your work.👍👏

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9 hours ago, GStreet said:

I haven’t built or painted for over a year.

Clearly you haven't lost your touch. Nice paint job and weathering, and the figure's good too.



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Thanks Gary and everyone for the feedback. It’s nice to get motivated to do some modeling again. I just started the Andy’s Hobby HQ 1/16 Tiger 1 Early and hope to post some of the building here soon. Nice kit. Nice to be here. 

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