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1/48 A6M2-21 Zero, Pearl Harbor air raid

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This is Tamiya's 1/48 Zero, (originally issued in the 1970's), with some extra detailing on the engine, exhaust from aluminum tubing, detailing on the landing gear, and an Eduard's photoetch cockpit set, with extra cockpit detail added.
Antenna mast and pitot replaced with brass parts.

Paints are Tamiya acrylics, weathering with oils and pastels, and a mix of kit (yes! 50 year old decals!) and Techmod.

Thanks for looking,




Image2 Image4 Image5 Image7 Image8 Image11 Image3 Image6 cockpit6 cockpit2 cockpit3


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details, details, details!
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Congratulations, for the model first but also for the philosophy behind. I do enjoy bringing old pans to do good cooking! Sure we have everything we want nowadays and that was not always the case, but improving and creating are the essences of modeling. You already did a real neat job on your "Rufe" and your "Pearl-Harbor" Zero is just in the same stream. You have respected the fact that all Zeros from the Hawaian operation were Mitsubishi built and had no Aotake neither in the wheels bays or on the legs covers. My only remark is for the red markings on the wings of which the outside segment seemed absent. Thanks a lot for sharing, best regards from France.

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