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Hasegawa 1/72 Skyhawk.

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Hi folk's,third and last one for this GB is the Skyhawk.When the kit arrived and I saw the box art it took me right back to the time when I became old

enough to jump on the bus and venture into Newcastle and the Mecca that was the model shop in Blenhiem street and I had access to these Hales/Hasegawa

kits for the first time I remember building this and a good few other US Navy types of the era.This also suffered from non useable decals I don't think other than

a couple of Frog sheets for the IDF and RNZAF there's anything in the stash  later might make an interesting option we'll see.



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23 hours ago, stevej60 said:

Oh thought you might like to see the other two in the collection being Airfix's little beauties.




Blimey you had me going for a minute there mate, I thought you'd finished it ! :gobsmacked:

Good luck with this one


Cheers Pat 

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Hi folk's you really cannot see anything in the cockpit once the fuselage sides are joined and the glazing added but I put in a better seat and thought maybe add

a Pilot for a change.



Being an early boxing details are pretty crisp and fit of parts good just a touch of filler along the tail join and intakes.There must be other differences as I believe the Australians

used the G model but the main one was the curved refueling probe so using hot water I gently shaped a straight one to the correct shape.



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Thanks Pat she's on temp hold as I just seem to have hit a wall with my oldie build's hopefully the break will get the Mojo back so for now planning to start the A-10 which is old 

but being Tamiya has a much more modern feel.

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I like the look of what you're doing here Steve. I've a couple of these in stock & one of them might just appear in the guise of Jester's Scooter from Top Gun using the decals from the Airfix boxing of that (which of course is the wrong model for it  anyway). No promises though. :)


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