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Closed-cab, CCKW 353's in Korea


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Whilst I'm sure there were some there, the vast majority of GMCs in use by the 1950s were the later, open-cab versions. The closed cab GMC was the earlier production variant if I remember correctly. I've not come across any photos that I'd be confident were taken in Korea. The US Army were starting to replace the CCKW series with the M135/M211 in the early 1950s and you do come across photos of those later in the Korean war (typically with single rear wheels rather than duals) - but those were all soft-tops.

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9 hours ago, Pete57 said:

One can be seen being towed by a closed-cab CCKW-352 at minute 2:50 of this youtube video.


Unfortunately, it's too blurred to read the registration and bumper codes...

There's no obvious context to that brief clip that would place it in Korea. It might be but equally it could have been filmed somewhere else entirely and at a different time.


It is often the case that documentary makers use generic clips that are not related to the conflict they are describing. Before the clip you identify, the narrator talks about the M35 truck whilst the film footage shows M135/M211 trucks and just after the clip you highlight, she talks about WC54 trucks whilst the film footage is clearly showing a completely different type of bull-nosed truck. I go back to my original post - "I've not come across any photos that I'd be confident were taken in Korea."

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You are right.

You can find these picture in "Tank warfare in Korea by Steven Zaloga and George Balin, Concord Publishing Comapny 1994 on page 47. 

But there is a cut next to the left person in front of the tank, so there is no CCKW seen.

The description of the picture is:

Britain's largest tank unit, the 8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars, had barely arrived in Korea before the Chinese People's Volunteer Army bore down on the Eighth Army....on 3 December 1950.



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