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1/72nd SF 37 Viggen


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  • Tbolt changed the title to 1/72nd SF 37 Viggen

So I made a start on the Viggen yesterday.


The instrument panel has the standard round radar screen on it so I removed it and added a more appropriate screen for the SF from and Airwaves PE bezel set.








The resin ejector seat doesn't come with the guide rails on the side so I made a couple from some I beam stripe. The stripe was too big so I sanded it on all four sides till it looked a bit closer to the real thing.






The aft camera housing on the side of the nose comes as a separate piece and you have to cut out the area for it to fit.







The housing installed. The housing isn't quite the right shape, but I didn't think it was worth trying to fix it. It still needs a little clean up.





The full intake ducts together. I filled the seams near the intake end and hand brushed some Humbrol 11 in there. The compressor blades are roughly painted as the only thing you can see when it's installed is the very left and right edges of the blades and that's with a flash light!





The back of the intake ducting has a bulkhead which helps the forward and aft sections of the fuselage join. This has been missed out of the instructions but I'm using the Special hobby instructions as well as they are a slightly better and give more colour call outs.






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  • 1 month later...

So things are not going so great on this build and there's no way I will be able to get the kit finished in time. The main reason is that I didn't realise how much work this kit was going to be, I thought it might be reasonable accurate and that I wouldn't have to do to much work on it, which was wrong.


Anyway I'm still plodding along and should be able to get a good bit done over the next few days and hopefully get some paint on the cockpit!


Here's the finished cockpit ready for some paint. I added a bit of rod to support the instrument panel before it's fitted in the fuselage.






On to the nose. The side oblique cameras apertures are just holes cut in the curved fuselage, but on the real thing there's actually a flat area, which sticks out a little, as the windows is of course flat and not curved with the fuselage. Notice the forward down looking camera port is on the centerline of the aircraft which is incorrect.





So here I've sanded a flat area and added some plastic card.





Here's both halves of the nose with the two ports blended in. Notice the two access panels behind the ports that I've added, on the right halve this panel is far too small as you can see the original smaller one that's been filled. One the left side of the nose this panel was completely missing. I've also adjusted and added some missing panel lines on the nose.







To correct the forward downward looking camera port I removed a section of the nose and using some plasticard, made a new port which is correctly offset to the left.






Since you will be able to see the cameras in the nose, I scratch built the seven cameras. They are nothing special or accurate, but for the amount you will see they should do. After this I realised I mounted the two side oblique cameras ninety degrees out from how they should sit, but these cameras are not as visible as the downward looking and forward oblique cameras so it shouldn't be noticeable, just that there's something in there should do.





Onto the exhaust, where there is an access panel on the exhaust section that they've molded it as quite thickly raised with a strange recessed section in front of it. Not sure what they were looking at when they did this.






Here I've filled and sanded, then scribed a new panel. I've also added a panel line along the top to denote the top fairing.





Here I've deepened the holes in the top exhaust petal, which is the only one that needs doing as it sits down when the aircraft is parked up and you can only see the other sides of the lower petals.





The exhaust slots are shorter in the fuselage sides than they should be - the lower end should go down to the lower fairing and the upper end should also be a little bit higher, so the chisel came out and I removed some plastic and added the fairing panel at the top.





The underside suffers from the same problem where it's to narrow...





...so that was adjusted also and a bit of plastic strip added to the front. Note forward of this on the right wing if added a couple of missing panel lines and move the fuel sump drain ( ? ) to the correct position. 





To fit the main gear bay doors in the closed position I added some supports otherwise there's nothing to really hold them.





Here I've drilled the holes for the forward pylons. On the left you can see where I drilled the holes as per the kit, I then realised the pylon was too far inboard, so I plugged the holes and drilled them slightly further outboard. They probably should be a little further outboard but the area where the wing merges into the fuselage behind this seem smaller than it should be so if I went any further with the pylon this area would look noticeable too small.



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39 minutes ago, Col. said:

You've done a lot of nice work correcting many of this kit's issues and foibles since your last update.


Thanks, I just wish I could do it quicker!

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14 hours ago, arfa1983 said:

Very nice work. Making me feel a little guilty about leaving all the foibles in my  larger version! 


I doesn't really matter that much as I'm sure yours will still look very much a Viggen. I wish sometimes I didn't have AMS as it makes me a slow builder.

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11 hours ago, Sam said:

Great work @Tbolt

All those neat corrections will make your personal Viggen stand out. This kind of modifications is what I personally enjoy doing the most in this hobby. 


I rather spend more time adding detail than correcting it though, but I do enjoy it. Sometimes it's nice to build OBB just to get some models built quickly.

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  • 4 weeks later...

A few more bits done.


So this was my last photo and the panel here on the bottom, left hand side is meant to be the starter exhaust.





So I cut the panel out and with a bit of plasticard made a rough representation of the exhaust. Note on the right hand side you can see where I opened the RAT panel and thinned the plastic down, then at some point snapped of the fragile bit of plastic. Luckly I managed to find the bit, several days later.





Here I've test fitted the side airbrakes and as you can see the fit is pretty bad.





Here I've added the strakes and small extensions to the reverser slot. I've also added plasticard to the airbrakes to fill the gaps and glued them in place.





Cockpit all painted up. While editing these photo's I realised I've broken the throttle off! Note the painting doesn't look that great, but the cockpit is only 1 inch long.







RAT bay and door painted up. I'll add the RAT blades right at the end of the build.





RAT bay installed and the broken off piece of fuselage reattached but not cleaned up yet.





Cameras painted.





A bit of Alclad II and weathering work on the exhaust.
















Some improvements to the vents. The two on the left have been drilled out, the middle and right ones have had one each of them improved - they've been thinned and rounded off on the outside because they are too square from the box.






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  • 1 month later...

A bit of an update.


In the middle of this image of the top fuselage half you can see the oval recess where an aerial goes, but it's in completely the wrong position. You can see forward of this where it should go, I've marked it with a pencil.





Here I've made a cutout in the correct position, filled the old one and filled the fasteners and drilled them slightly further forward and scribed the missing panel. You can also see where I've cutout slots for the canopy hinge arms. For some reason in the kit the arms fit under the fuselage.





So this is how the canopy hinge arms hook under the top of the fuselage, strange idea.





Built up with some plasticard to give the correct appearance.





Here I've glued the intake ducting in place and also added a piece of lead over the nose gear bay, which I have painted with enamel paint to prevent any corrosion. The rear oblique camera has been fitted and I've boxed in it to prevent any dust getting to the lens.





Foward fuselage together, intakes fitted.





The intakes were sprayed Alclad II Aluminum before fitting and a piece of wire was fitted in the cutout at the bottom of the intakes. Here you can see the little support thingys (?) between the intakes and the fuselage...




...one of which I managed to lose! So a pieces of plastic strip was added.





Which was carved to approximately match the others.





The front fuselage was then added to the rear, which I forgot to take a picture of when I assembled it. Note test fitting of the fin showed a bit of a gap between it and the right hand fairing so I've glued in a piece of plastic strip.




Here on the wing you can see to the left of the image and oval access panel which was noticeably too close to the fuselage, so I filled it and rescribed one in the correct position. Also you can see near the trailing edge of the wing, I've made a representation of  light which shines onto the fin, which was completely missing.



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I forgot to post this before, but this shows the access panels with the representation of the screws which are a bit too far apart compared to the real thing.





So a little bit of time spent with a drill to make them look a bit better.





A bit of work on the canards. As they come they have two large hinge points which I reduced to look a bit more realistic.





The main undercarriage leg doors have a noticeable fairing on them which has been missed in the kit. So I made some bits of plasticard in two levels the right shape...





...and  then filled and sanded to get the finished shape..




Fin and canards fitted.







The vents on the spine don't really blend in very well.





So a little sanding to blend them in better.





The rear end of the rear fairing houses a RWR, of which I've noticed there are three different types. But on the kit there is just a recess there like there should be an insert depending on which RWR is fitted. However there is nothing in the instructions or in the kit, so it looks like they forgot about it.





So I filled the recess and shaped a bit of plastic strips and glued it in place.





The lower fairing triangular pieced fitted in place.






That's about it now for the time limit on this group build. I didn't really get enough bench time, but also I chose the wrong subject as I didn't realise how lacking this kits is. Since it's probably the only Viggen I'll build ( certainly from this kit anyway! ) I wanted to have a reasonable representation of one. Although I'm correcting and adding details to some areas there are others which don't quite capture the shape of the Viggen right which I haven't touched as they would be a huge amount of work to get right.




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18 hours ago, AdrianMF said:

You may not have made the time on this GB but you have got a long way with improving this kit! Your work is immaculate. Hope to see it resume in WIP.





Thanks. Yes I will continue with the updates.

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